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Secret Shopping The Wireless World

In the ultra-competitive wireless business, who benefits from secret shopping? Everyone! Wireless Carriers...Master Agents...Independent Dealers...Manufacturers...all need to ensure that their goals, policies and on-floor expectations are being met. And a secret shopping program offers one of the most effective tracking mechanisms for accountability.

For Wireless Dealers and Store Owners we offer our unique MyVirtualDM program...the simple, effective and affordable way to quickly find out what's happening in your store while you're not there.

How can your wireless business benefit from a secret shopping program? Here are a few examples used by TechnologyStoreShopper's own clients:

Monitoring Business & Competition

A secret shopping program can help you improve on your strengths, minimize weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and understand threats to your business. Use it to:

  • Understand your competition
  • Identify profit opportunities
  • Identify problem areas, employees, dealers, etc.
  • Reduce buyers' remorse
  • Reduce churn and spot fraud
Evaluating Staff & Training

A secret shopping program can help you evaluate the effective of your sales force and your training programs. Use it to evaluate your sales staff's:

  • Presentation skills
  • Ability to upsell rate plans and add features, warranties, etc.
  • Knowledge of products, programs and services
  • Ability to attach accessories
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Closing skills
  • Compliance with policies, procedures and paperwork
Assessing Store & Product

A secret shopping program can help you see where your offering is being presented and how it is being "talked." Use it to:

  • Review store appearance and atmosphere
  • Evaluate your shelf space
  • Make sure your dummy phones and literature are in place
  • Ensure your MDF dollars are being spent properly
  • Understand how your products are being priced

TechnologyStoreShopper can help you develop a secret shopper program specific to your needs. And as your retailing partner, our team can also help you maximize the benefits of your secret shopper program by integrating the insights gained into your business processes.

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