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Wireless Dealers and Store Owners

Looking for a quick view of your stores while you're not there?

Check out our "Virtual DM"'s like hiring a professional pair of eyes and ears to find out what's going on in your store(s)...when you're not there.

Find out:
  • What your employees are doing
  • What they are saying to your customers
  • How they are treating your customers
  • If they are following a sales process including presenting accessories and selling features or bolt-ons.
  • If they are actively selling and upselling...or just "clerking"
  • The condition of your stores
  • If customers have a positive impression of your locations and would recommend to a friend
  • And much more!

Turn this information into a powerful, actionable training and coaching tool. You will know who is doing things right and who is doing things wrong. Information is power. MyVirtualDM puts powerful, timely information at your fingertips to help you make your business better.

Check out these sample visit reports:

Signing up is easy. There is no complicated set up process...and you can sign up for as few or as many as you choose. Simply choose the number of visits (pricing varies by quantity), give us your location addresses and presto, we'll visit your stores.

Once complete you'll receive a PDF of each visit. Sign up for 20 or more visits and you'll receive a personalized online dashboard for monitoring all of your Virtual DM visits.

It's easy. Powerful. Actionable. And all for less that the cost of gas and a few hours of your time.

Call today, and we'll start visiting tomorrow. We can help you make a difference.

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