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Why Secret Shopping?

From customer service evaluations to facilities inspections to competitive reconnaissance, there are literally hundreds of ways your retail operation can benefit from a secret shopping program. Designed and managed correctly, a secret shopping program is a powerful business tool, giving you the ability to:
  • See your business through the eyes of your customers
  • Assess and adjust your training programs
  • Monitor the condition and upkeep of your facilities
  • Check on pricing, product availability and displays
  • Know what your employees are really saying and doing
  • Analyze what your competitors are doing
  • Learn how salespeople are representing your product or service
  • Evaluate execution of store merchandising and seasonal promotions
  • Detect fraud and dishonesty among employees
  • Keep employees focused on store policies and goals
  • Integrate shop results with employee rewards
TechnologyStoreShopper can help you develop a secret shopper program specific to your needs. And as your retailing partner, our team can also help you maximize the benefits of your secret shopper program by integrating the insights gained into your business processes.

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